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Log #2

Who: An Li and Sid
Where: 6th Year Gryffindor boys dorm
When: Thursday evening
What: An Li goes for a fly and decides to drop by.

Sid stared down at his Potions homework. As good as he was at the subject, it had definitely been much more interesting earlier in the day, what with the unexpected tinting of his clothes and hair pink. He couldn't help grinning at the thought of it. Good thing he had dark hair, else he'd be suffering more ridicule than Snape with that lovely green Sirius had managed.
An Li's fingers gripped the end of her broom tightly as she hovered on the outside of a window, peering in to see who was on the other side of the glass. Her breathing formed small puffs, fogging up the window. She decided to take a chance and tapped on the window gently.
The sound caused Sid to jump slightly and he turned to stare at the window in confusion. He raised a brow and smirked at the sight of someone's breath causing a fog to spread over the glass. He couldn't quite tell who it was, but he shoved himself up off of his bed and wandered over to open the window, where he stared in utter confusion at the sight of the girl hovering there. "What in the...?"
She topples into the window, her broom and her body crashing onto the floors. She tossed her broom aside and sat up on the floor, smiling up at him. "Hiya. I was flying and decided to drop on by. Literally."
Sid cocked his head to the side and just stared at her a long moment, then grinned with a laugh. "So you did! And you didn't need the password, therefore I can't get in trouble." After staring at her a moment longer, he shook his head, still grinning and headed back over to his bed, putting his homework away for the moment. "So what gave you the bright idea to pop in here?"
She got up and brushed her robes off. As she walked over to the bed, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a rubber band and put her hair up into a ponytail. She sat down at the foot of his bed and shrugged. "Ravenclaw headquarters is either really boring, or has Phoebe and Vessa blaring all sorts of things at the highest level at the oddest times of the day."
"Ah." He nodded, sitting beside her and leaning back on his elbows. "Well, Gryffindor Tower isn't all that much better for loud music at odd hours. After all, we're what got the glam thing moving around school. And boring? Well...things have definitely been less than boring lately, although all I'm doing right now is work."
"Haha. That whole Ghislaine fiasco was brilliant. Though, I have nothing against her. You kids are just interesting," she said, pulling her house scarf off of her neck. She rolled over onto her stomach, looking up at him. "What are you working on right now?"
Sid nodded, laughing. "Oh yeah. Sirius got Gizzy good. As for me right now..." He shrugged, pointing to the Potions book now closed next to him with parchment sticking out. "I'm working on my Potions, which is boring as hell."
"Bleck, potions. I can't stand that class." She rolled over onto her back, looking up at him. "Do you need any help with it?"
"Nah...Potions is one of my best subjects. I tutor for it sometimes." He laughed again, letting his head fall back. "Like today. I tutored today, which is probably what makes the work so boring now."
"Really? Tell me about it," she said as she rolled back over onto her stomach, propping her chin up on her hand.
"He shook his head, bringing it back up. "It's nothing, really. Just had one of those sessions with a Hufflepuff girl today that would've gotten a ton of points deducted from her house if it had been class. Exploding potions. Bright colors. She was just too nervous. Gave me pink hair."
"Pink hair?" she asked as she sat up and reached for his head, her fingers gently brushing against his hair. "That would've been amusing to see," she said, laughing.
He grinned, holding a lock of hair out from his head and trying to catch the right light with it. The brown shows a slightly pinkish tint still. "I got most of it out,'ll go away eventually...or it won't. I just couldn't go to classes with fuschia hair. It was bad enough the gunk left my shirt tinted lavender."
She giggled. "I don't know. You should make a fashion statement, or something. I dunno what you glam kids consider haute couture." She flopped back down onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.
Sid blinked at the term, then shrugged. "I already do the glitter and eyeliner sometimes. I work the glam fashion on the weekends when we don't get in trouble for not wearing uniforms." He let his head fall back again. "My hair I'll leave as is. I like it this way, even if it does get wild."
"Mm, okay. I like your hair as it is, anyways," she said. She grabbed one of his pillows and stuffed it behind her head. "I'm tired, I think I'll stay here for the night," she said, testing out the waters.
The elbow closest to her slipped out from under him. "Woah! What?" There was a slight hint of red working it's way down to his cheeks from his ears. "'s one thing, but that...that I know I'd get reemed for."
She laughed, throwing the pillow at him. "I'm just kidding. Besides, why would you get reemed for it?"
There was a slight look of relief to his grin as he laughed back, grabbing the pillow. "Well, most Prefects would be twitchy enough to know I had a girl in my room alone, not to mention a girl from another house. Spending the night would just be pushing it. I'd probably get an earful later if anyone walked in right now as it is."
"Oooh, you're right. Oh well. Mm, anyways, it's getting late and I should get on back to my house before we both get in trouble," she said, standing up. She walked over to where she threw her broom and picked it up. She walked back over and said, "I'll catcha later, kid." She placed a quick kiss on his cheek and ran for the window, diving out of it. She threw the broom underneath her, flying back to Ravenclaw HQ.

Note: The ending was sudden because she had to go and therefore wrapped it up.
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