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make a wish and see yourself on stage, inside out

Glitterverse RPG
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved Harry Potter. The little girl's name was B, but B pretended to be called Mieko so she could read and write her silly fantasies in secret.

One day, B had an amazing idea. "I know!" she said, jumping excitedly out of her chair and cracking her head on the lightbulb that had just appeared above her. She sat down and continued a bit more calmly. "I'll write a piece of fanfiction! I will cross Harry Potter with Velvet Goldmine! My fanfiction will be Great and Glittery and Silly and Fangirly and Gloriously OOC, and its name will be Fairy Boys! Everybody will be wildly bisexual glamrockers and Peter won't be a loser and Lily will have an affair with Brian Slade and it will CHANGE THE WORLD!"

And all was well.

B's fanfiction did not change the world, and she became blocked and annoyed halfway through, but she had a lot of fun with it and made many new fabulous friends, including her stupendous, fantastical, ludicrously talented co-writer and fellow Mod, Juliane.

The End

...except it's not, really. As far as we're concerned here, it's The Beginning.


Community: glitterverse
OOC Community: glitterverseooc
Contact: mieko_belle@livejournal.com
Moderators: thieving_gypsy and julianelupin

The setting: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland.
The time: The height of Britain's glam rock era. Our students are fifth years, studying for their OWLs.
The objective: To work hard, party harder, and still have enough energy to convert the rest of the school to glam rock!

IMPORTANT NOTE! This is not a Harry Potter RPG. It's based on Harry Potter, obviously, but it's a Fairy Boys RPG. That means OotP-canon doesn't count, since FB was written before that. For example, all the stuff about Sirius's family is not true in this. Just call it AU. On a similar note, we do know that the timelines are a bit screwy. The Harry Potter and Velvet Goldmine timelines miss each other by a few years. We are aware of this, and we're ignoring it. AU. Please don't comment on how stupid we are for doing this. We know it's silly. Nobody ever tried to claim this was a completely angsty, serious 'verse. It's silly, it's AU, and we like it that way. :D


01. All players must make an effort to post regularly. Once a week isn't much to ask. We won't get too strict about that, we know that living Real life is more important than living Fictional life (or so we've been told), but you'll get nagged at if you take on one of the main characters and then don't post.

02. Harry Potter canon is there to be adhered to -- except when there's something in Fairy Boys that contradicts it. Which is quite often, to be honest. So, it'd help if all players had at least a vague understanding of the way the characters act in Fairy Boys. You can find everything archived here.

03. No ad-libbing, please, unless it's a NPC (non-player character). Focus on your own character and his or her relationship and interaction with the others. Don't talk for them, talk with them.

04. This is set the year before the events covered in Fairy Boys. There are some plot points that need to be covered, but we'll get to those when it matters. That means players are pretty much free to write their characters as they like -- however, stick with Rule #2. Example, don't write Remus as having a secret crush on Sirius. That happens later, and is non-negotiable.

05. Leading on from #4: all personal plots must be approved by the Mods. Not because we're fun-crushing Nazi bastards. Just, we are working up to an existing story. It's really just to double-check and make sure everything fits properly.

06. Personal journals are just that -- diaries. Replies to personal journals can be in the form of comments on the post's contents, or live-action shown through actions written between asterisks or colons. It's a bit of a weird format, obviously, because of course they had no computers. But then it's a silly 'verse anyway, so it doesn't really matter. :D The community journal can be used for things like posters on the common room notice board, owls, and also for third-person story-format. Keep everything public, but if it's supposed to be private then say so in the subject line. "Private" or "Sirius only" or whatever.

07. RP over AIM is encouraged. Logs can go in the community journal, too. Or just talk about it on personal journals. It's up to individual players to decide how to show what's going on with their characters.

08. Don't be a Stupid Prat. Stupid Prats annoy the crap out of us. Example, say Sirius's player is writing a journal entry:

"I've been listening to my Ziggy Stardust album all day (OOC: Ziggy Stardust is SO GOOD! But Bowie gets way better in the 80s. *ducks rotten vegetables*) and James says he's ready to throw it in the lake."

Perhaps irrational, but OHGOD, that makes us so mad. >.< DON'T BLOODY DO IT. Any and all OOC comments, questions, plotting and fanfiction should be posted to our OOC community, glitterverseooc.

Similarly, keep spelling and grammar to an acceptable standard. (Unless your character has a problem with spelling, of course.) Format things properly. Don't *emphasise* words with asterisks. That gets messy and confusing, it's too much like actions. Use italics, or bold. Use paragraphs and correct punctuation and put capital letters in the right places. uNdEr No CiRcUmStAnCeS wIlL yOu WrItE lIkE tHiS. That's an order. Try to keep things British, too. Pavement, not sidewalk. Biscuits, not cookies. Etc.

09. Sex and swearing is very welcome here. :) Just keep it realistic for a bunch of fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds, okay?


Sirius Black (taken)
Skye Diggory (taken)
Lily Evans (taken)
Remus Lupin (taken)
Ghislaine Martin
Peter Pettigrew (taken)
James Potter (taken)
Marilyn Wright (taken)

These are just the main characters in the story itself. More are welcome, whether they're canon or original.

Application details are below.


RPG experience isn't necessary. We're just looking for people who have, like we said before, at least a vague understanding of Fairy Boys, a good writing style, and enough dedication to make this thing work. If that's you, then fill out the application and email it to mieko_belle@livejournal.com -- the journal will be created for you if you're approved. (Not because we're megalomaniacs. We just want to be in control. Which is, um, not the same thing. Much.)

01. Player's name (actual and LJ).
02. AIM, Y!M, MSN names. (You should have at least one of these).
03. Character name.
04. House/year.
05. Bio/description.
06. A writing sample, either in the form of a character journal entry or a bit of action in story format. No need to give us a novel, but you're much more likely to be approved if we get three paragraphs instead of three sentences.

We want to keep this thing close and tight. Please don't feel bad if you're not approved -- that doesn't mean you're a crap writer, just that you weren't right for this character at this time. Everybody's welcome to watch the game, and to post in glitterverseooc.


All things Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. All things Velvet Goldmine belong to Todd Haynes. Even the bits that are shockingly like David Bowie RPS. o.O Lily's roommates were created by thieving_gypsy.